Rory’s Royal Roots

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Hello, everyone!

A big sneak peek was promised – and it was delivered! Joe (SGT Sparkles) recently posted a sneak peek of the upcoming pirate expedition, which should be arriving sometime this week, on Island News! Quite a lot of stuff was teased, but I’m not going to be covering everything funnily enough. Make sure you check out the sneak peek to see all of the juicy details!

When I examined the post, I was intrigued by one thing in particular! A bust, a statue of a familiar penguin… So, I asked the question…

Who exactly is this?


That beard, though.

Some people are theorising that this penguin is linked with the Penglantis mystery. Others think that it could be… Rory messing around with a beard. If you have read my latest Island Discussion blog posts, you will know that I have been hooked by the mystery surrounding the lost city of Penglantis. Personally, I think there is something special about this penguin. There’s a lot of evidence to back me up.

Let’s start off with something simple. Joe has confirmed this is going to be one of several furniture items purchasable from ‘Igloos & Interiors’. In the post, he shared only a few items and provided the name (and a small description) of each one except for the bust, pictured above. Instead, he left 7 question marks like this: “???????“. Did you know that the Box Dimension, on Club Penguin Island, is labelled as “??? ?????????“? The question marks substitute every letter within the name. This was done to uphold secrecy and mystery when the zone was added into the game. If we take a page out of this book, we may infer that the name of the penguin represented in the bust has 7 letters. Therefore, this penguin cannot be Rory; he has 4 letters in his name!

Anyway, why would Joe leave a bunch of question marks if this specific igloo item is ordinary? Exactly! It isn’t ordinary. It’s… extraordinary! The name of this item bears some importance. Perhaps, it is someone we will discover more about during the expedition.

It is evident that this penguin is related to Rory in some way. We cannot deny the resemblance. In fact, some of the characteristics of this mystery penguin are identical to Rory’s (that’s why a few people are lead to believe the bust is Rory)! To highlight this, I have conducted a simple analysis. Instead of explaining it all to you in writing, I have a picture to provide.

Bust Analysis.png

The different coloured circles correspond with the similarities displayed.

The big difference between Rory and the bust is that beard! The long beard implies that the penguin is of a greater age than Rory. Could this mean the statue is of one of Rory’s ancestors? It is highly likely according to the evidence I have in store for you! Also, is that a crown on the penguin’s head? Whatever it is, it suggests superiority. In other words, we could be looking at some royalty. Hmm… haven’t we come across this word before? Only a million times now!

I am going to prove to you that this penguin is a royal ancestor of Rory. I want every piece of evidence to count, so allow me to present it coherently…

#1: The Spiral Symbol Penglantis Spiral

That spiral symbol is everywhere! There is no doubt that it links to the Penglantis mystery. You can find it on the ruins of Penglantis, in The Sea Caves and even on Rory’s necklace!

This symbol must mean something. Perhaps Rory knows what it means; his necklace could be some artefact from the penglantian era. What makes me think this? Well, considering you have played through Chapter 1 of Cadence’s Adventures, you will know that Rory possesses another penglantian trinket: a thermos. It has the spiral symbol on it, so it has to be penglantian.

Full Thermos

It’s basically identical to the necklace pendant.

Furthermore, this spiral symbol must be deeply connected to Rory because it can be found in his official pattern overlay. It actually looks more like a shell than a two-dimensional spiral. Could this be a little tease as to what the spiral actually is? You can read more about this here!

           Rory OverlayRory OverlayRory OverlayRory Overlay

The filename for this overlay is “Rory-2.png”. Coincidence? Nah…

You can just tell this is Rory’s overlay. Those spanners, hammers and warning signs are semantic; they link to “construction”, which is where Rory’s occupation lies. They don’t call him the “Master Builder” for nothing!

#2: The Sea Caves Collectible_crystal_single (1)

Have you noticed how attached Rory is to The Sea Caves? Well, apparently he likes to go there to wind down. I understand why he would; The Sea Caves is a very peaceful setting. However, there’s probably more to it than that.

He hangs out there to relax

Rory in The Sea Caves

Does Rory call this “relaxing”?

Do you know what else is in The Sea Caves? You guessed it! More penglantian swirls! In fact, a lot of this zone’s foundations are penglantian. Ever since the city sunk into the sea, we were left with the ruins. The architecture is eloquent, to say the least.

I’d say that the “jewel” of The Sea Caves is The Throne Room. Within it, there’s an ancient throne (of course), a sceptre and a shield. Now, cast your minds back to the picture of the bust. What did I say was on the penguin’s head? That’s right, a crown! In the city of Penglantis, there was a ruler who sat on the throne. It is very possible that this mysterious penguin is that ruler. More specifically, the King of Penglantis!

So, Rory could be attached to this zone because of its significance to Penglantis. We have analysed the resemblance between Rory and the mystery penguin, and we have inferred that the penguin was the King of Penglantis. Therefore, Rory could be a descendant of royalty. We will discuss soon which ancestor it could be.

In my previous Island Discussion, I explored the crabs’ peculiar “fear of royalty”. I suggest you give it a read if you haven’t already. Well, it turns out that Rory (like Rookie) is aware of this fear. When you seek for the thieving crab in Episode 4 of “Beach Bash”, Rory tells you to use the princess emoji to scare the crab, so that you can retrieve the thermos.

Crabs are scared of royal families

“Now, obviously crabs are scared of the royal families”.

What do you mean “obviously”, Rory? To Aunt Arctic, this fact was unheard of. Not even her research could track it, whereas it seems to be acknowledged by Rory. I think that Rory knows this due to his royal ancestors. He also seems to hang out in The Sea Caves enough to know these things, and what draws him to this zone is the wonder of his heritage. If you were a descendant of a royal, you would likely want to know the history of it all too!

#3: Rory’s Ancestry Emoji_Princess_with_Crown (1)

Finally, we get to find out who this “king” could be – all thanks to Cadence losing her voice… in the kindest way possible!

A cold seaweed smoothie and even a cup of hot cocoa wouldn’t help Cadence’s voice. Luckily, Rory introduced to us his grandma’s seaweed tea recipe!

Grandma's seaweed tea recipe

“Well, I fished up grandma’s seaweed tea recipe. It helped my dad with his voice before big speeches.”

Within seconds, we get to know about Rory’s grandmother and his dad. From what we’ve gathered so far, Rory’s family tree is pretty cool! We know that one of his “distant” relatives (the bust) was the King of Penglantis. But, how distant are we talking?

I think we can logically eliminate Rory’s dad from the equation. Firstly, I think he would be too young, especially considering the ancient ruins of Penglantis. Secondly, his dad would be around on the island, right? If Rory’s dad is the king, he would be working on the revival of his kingdom… which is currently ruined in the sea. On the other hand, those “big speeches” Rory talks of sound important. Just because his dad isn’t the king, that doesn’t make him (necessarily) less significant. Penglantis is a retired city and civilisation. The portrayal of his family’s royalty would be modernised in the present.

Rory’s grandma, however, is the key to this investigation…

Her ladyship

“I’ll mention it to her ladyship.”

After the seaweed tea helped bring back Cadence’s voice (magic seaweed right?), Dot says to send her thanks to Rory’s grandma, to which he replies “I’ll mention it to her ladyship“. Well, there you have it! This is definitely an indication of her social superiority. A “Lady” is the female equivalent of a “Lord” (a ruler, sovereign or master). Therefore, Rory’s grandma could be the wife of the King of Penglantis. She could be the Queen! This would mean that the mystery penguin portrayed through the bust is Rory’s grandpa!

Moreover, Rory indicates that his grandmother is still alive when he says “I’ll mention it”. Of course, knowing Rory, this could be a little joke.

Despite all of this, I find it quite surprising to believe that Rory’s grandfather was the king. Again, it seems too close to the present. I would be more convinced if the king was actually his great-grandfather, and that is possible! Notice how Rory refers to his grandma as “her ladyship” instead of “her majesty”. It is not the highest title of honour you would give to a royal, which suggests that she was not actually the Queen of Penglantis. But, then again, she still could have been the wife of the king, nonetheless!

In conclusion, Rory’s grandfather – or great-grandfather – was likely the King of Penglantis, represented by the statue. Very soon, we will be able to embark on a pirate expedition through one of the weakening seals of a Penglantian Vault. From what we have discussed in this post, we will likely be expected more information on Rory’s heritage. Mysteries have been promised, and hopefully, some answers are nigh!

If you have any theories or thoughts on Rory’s royal roots, please share them in the comments section below so that we can extend the discussion!

Thank you so much for reading!


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